Aditi Saraogi
Born 1975.

On completing her post- graduation from the Delhi School of Communication, little did she dream that she would be communicating with people with something as sterile as clay.

Abandoning a career in commercial communication for a more soul-fulfilling occupation, she was first exposed to the medium through a studio potter in Kolkata. Thereafter, wanting more guidance, she was trained under Mansimran Singh at Andretta Pottery, Himachal Pradesh and later honed her skills under Ray Meeker in Puducherry. She was the artist-in residence along with Isabelle Roux at Beaucens, France in 2007.

All this has had an impact on her philosophy - "simplicity of life" -embracing it with all its beauty contrary to the jaded, complicated urban "living" of the city!

She is greatly influenced by nature and its myriad forms. There is movement and dance everywhere and this is what Aditi attempt to convey through her work. She hope her works "sings". The ancient technique of smoke firing adds to this, with the dancing flames .... celebrating life!

Aditi lives and works in Kolkata.