Alok Bal
Born 1969 in Orissa.

Studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda.

Alok Bal is concerned with the unrestricted urban growth and man's instinct to control and manipulate natural resources has resulted in irreversible changes in ecology. Bal use irony and skill to express his fascination and disillusionment with life in a metropolis.

The metaphorical usage of serene colors, the flying dainty figures, the scratches, the realistically done attributes are all like motifs stiched together with excellent skill. The play of colors and juxtaposed frames of alluring images are themselves praying the viewer quite dramatically to take a voyage in the intrinsic avenues beyond the surface. The world is shown not casted out of emotive feelings, emotion is a nostalgia here.

Bal lives and works in Baroda.