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Our priority is to provide our clients with quality art pieces that are creative and authentic. We work painstakingly on our collection.

All our pieces are sold with Authenticity Certificates. We prefer to work closely with our Art partners so that we can ensure transparency in our descriptions and information regarding the items so that you have the correct idea about the products you are interested in buying. Be it the origin, source, the time needed to create the art piece and even the time period it belongs to.

Any questions and concerns that you might have regarding the Quality and Authenticity of the items feel free to write to us or
call us at +91 9831275666


We, at Gallery Sanskriti, want to provide our clients with piece(s) that they would love to have in their lives. Our team makes it a point to give detailed information about the artwork that they are interested in and schedule video and pictures being sent to you so that we can say with absolute guarantee that the products you see will actually be the ones you receive. Our entire collection is made of pieces that are thoughtfully crafted and unique in their own way. Shipping these amazing pieces of art is a complex process. Some are fragile while others are heavy and owning to all these we do not entertain returns.

Special cases for if due to some unfortunate circumstance the product delivered to you is damaged, we will find an acceptable solution for you. Depending on the situation it can range from repair to exchange or in extreme cases products can be returned.

We would love to highlight a point that since inception we are yet to have a single client who has been dissatisfied with their purchase and so far we have never received a request for return.

Thank you for showing interest in our handmade pieces.

We love it when are Artisan's and Artist's hand work are appreciated.