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Located between the temples of Khajuraho and the wilds of Bandhavgarh, in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, is the village of Ichol, located but a stone's throw from Maihar, an ancient temple town, home to Shaktipeth - the Sharda Devi temple. It was in this area that Ustad Allauddin Khan as court musician established the MaiharGharana and trained the trinity of Pt. Ravi Shankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Annapurna Devi, among many other musicians.

Conceived by Ambica Beri, art patron for the last 25 years, Art Ichol is the new addition in this landscape. It is a platform for creating, sharing and promoting the creative arts. A commune where resident artists, craft enthusiasts, writers and photographers collaborate and envisage concepts under open skies and relish the subtle symphonies of nature. It is a meeting place of like-minded people, yet one can easily find sanctuary in one's own company. What's more, you can pace the experience to your own rhythms and preferred intensity.

The Ichol Art Centre has a sense of creativity and space, with a sculpture park boasting of works by some of the best names in the country, and uniquely re-imagined interiors which have been astutely devised from scrap and recycled material in an artistic way. Art Icholcenter often hosts Art Residencies as the ambience unshackles creative impulses. For this there are rooms to stay, undisturbed, with special designated spaces for painting, sculpture, bronze casting, pottery and ceramic work. Nooks and corners abound, including a medieval Chhatri and Baoli. Car and driver facilities are available on site and once can stay connected via the internet even in the middle of nowhere.

With its specialized infrastructure and varied venues, Art Ichol is also ideal for offsite workshops, retreats, and meetings, as well as brain storming and group exercises, which are supported by the special facilities of a conference room with an adjoining cafe and projection systems. The foundation aims to support at least 5 underprivileged artists or craftsman every year, thus reinstating firmly the vision for the center - the promotion of the arts and their creators.


A space to relax, rejuvenate and create.

Creative learning and meeting commune for workshops and festivals.

3 distinct venues each with its own charm - A Skill Center & Artists' Residency, Writers' Retreat and Heritage Home.

Infrastructure, material provision and resident artist's aids.

Art gallery, metal casting foundry, open air sculpture park, stone & wood carving work shop, painters' studio, art cafe, ceramic and clay center.

An unusual holiday destination combining the heritage of music, culture, architecture, temples, wildlife, creativity, nature tourism and adventure.

Special tariff for extended stays.

On site kitchen garden and organic farming with a furnished kitchen.

Internet, gym and care/driver facilities.

Clean and modern restrooms and lavatories.

Personal attention and customized holidays to your requirements.

Supported by a team that knows the area, has 25 years experience in art and genuinely want you to enjoy your break and come back again and again.