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The writers' cottage Amariya is a glorious getaway that sits on the idyllic banks of the river, rich with piscine life and aged mango groves that attract song birds. It’s meandering river, nearby bridge and watch tower are all one’s companion. A private suite and kitchenette will be provided to each resident. Local produce from the retreat can be used for organic cooking and eating.

Writers, thinkers, researchers will enjoy dedicated, uninterrupted writing time in a spectacular setting and the community of a small group of writers under the guidance of two experienced and award-winning Indian writers. Amariya Retreat offers inspirational environment and network along with increased exposure to nature and the local community away from city distraction and noise.


The residency is designed for artists working in clay or artists with a previous background in ceramics who wish to pursue a clay based project.

Established in 2011 by Sovan Kumar, School of Art Ichol Ceramics was the fruition of various art workshops held in Maihar. Since then it has seen the patronage of P R Daroz, G Reghu, Abhay Pandit, Devilal Patidar, Deepali Daroz, Kristen Michael, Shantanu Jena, Anjani Khanna and Chirayu Sinha. International residencies have been held with the likes of Sandy Brown and Jacques Kaufmann.Noteworthy artists experimented and began dabbling with clay as the centre grew. The creative hustle accommodated the likes of Jagannath Panda, Shakti Burman, Maya Burman, Jayasri Burman, Adip Dutta, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Manisha Parekh, Mithu Sen, Paresh Maity, Prasenjit Sengupta, Ramananda Bandyopadhyay and Venkat Bothsa. The aim of the ceramic residency is to provide artists with the technical resources for practical research towards the development of new work and to support creative development through experimental methods and engagement across different material processes.


The art of bronze is ancient as it is elaborate. At the centre we have an indoor clay modeling room and an outdoor work shed that can manipulate upto 3000 kgs of bronze works and sculptures through its infallible foundations and pulley hooks. We employ both, the lost wax method as well as the traditional method of casting along with well experienced casting foremen.
Exquisite and poetic works like the pertinent effigy of Maihar's Baba Allauddin Khan have been crafted in loving memory by Debabrata De. Bronze sculptors Niranjan Pradhan, Bimal Kundu , Sunil Kumar Das and Tushar Kanti Das have been to Maihar to work with us and share with us treasured memories.


At the edge of the Deccan plateau, Maihar is famous for its mineral rich landscape and mining. This makes for an ideal site for extracting high-grade stone and rock. From quality raw material to the tools and even the equipment to maneuver large and heavy works, come witness feats of stone sculpting in the heart of rural India.
An ever-evolving sculpture park is the highlight of Art Ichol. New works are always being created and commissioned here. Life size works by Mrigendra Pratap Singh, Chandraprakash, Bhupat Dudi and Apurva Nandi demarcate the plains of the surrounding landscape and loom out from the peaceful fields. A promised visual treat for art aficionados.

Madhya Pradesh is densely forested with deciduous and semi-deciduous trees of Sal, Teak and Eucalyptus. The main gallery of Art Ichol hides many wooden utility works all which have been cleverly designed from 100% recycled wood. Old Burma Teak doors have been converted to full length tables, carved panels into light fixtures and wooden sleepers into gigantic book racks. Sculptors like Manek Talukdar and Bimal Kundu have been working with us to create wood sculptures in the past.


Adjoining the residency rooms is a fully air-conditioned 250 sq. ft. painting studio with room length glass panels to look out and use natural light to paint. No one enters or disturbs the sanctuary of this space. During our opening, Paresh Maity inaugurated this room by being the first painter to use it to its fullest during his week-long stay here. One always knew where to find him.

A similar clay modeling room of 347 sq. ft. can also be found in its confines for our bronze and ceramic artists. You may take a visual tour of the painting room below.