Amitabh Banerjee
Born 1928 in Sandwip near Chattagram, Bangladesh.

Initially his painting was realistic in nature but later it went through a drastic change and he was intently engrossed in giving new dimension to his art. European Art had its significant influence on Amitabh and had gained his respect and admiration of their creative portrayal.

At the beginning of his expressionist phase, Amitabh created a series of paintings on birds. His bird series not only carried the significance of the symbols but also expressed the connection of birds to his childhood memories of Sandwip island.

He was an excellent printmaker from the beginning of the 1971.This print making so attracted Amitabh that using this he tried to express all his pent up collected emotions. He even bought a printing machine and established a self-sufficient Graphics studio at home. For eight years he secretly carried on his experiment on his own. He would build plates, take printouts but would never show his pictures to anyone.

There is a personal philosophy in the meaning that is expressed from experiences in real life through individual feelings. Often one finds in the portrayal of man, there are flowers, birds, butterflies, blue skies and the like which symbolizes the occurrence of light through the shadows of darkness.

Amitabh Banerjee had passed away on 5th May, 2013.